Real Maple Creations

Maple Syrup ain't just for pancakes.  Real Maple Creations teaches how to experiment with your foodie side, seek healthier alternatives to processed and refined sweeteners and experience a real depth of flavours.


Smoky Maple Beans

Who puts maple syrup in smoked beans? We do! And you should too. This recipe is a great primer on how to use maple syrup to add real depth and sweetness to savoury dishes. This meal is epic on toast, as a main dish, or as a stellar side-kick (though we feel it should have it's own show!).

The Real Maple Creations Maple Roasted Vegetables

Maple Roasted Vegetables

It's Tuesday, it's after work, and you're in charge of dinner tonight. Impress with maple!Here's a simple trick that makes it seem like you've invented a new dish. By adding a maple syrup dressing, it creates a sticky-ness to the veggies.Your lovely medley of colourful, roasted vegetables will be transformed and loved by all.

Chocolate Nutty Squares The Real Maple Company Maple Syrup

Chocolate Nutty Squares

Have you got a sweet tooth? These are incredible! Caramel-y nutty and maple sweet! They are super easy to make and are made with all natural ingredients. These will satisfy your sweet cravings for sure! Inspired by Deliciously Ella and her inspirational recipes…

Crunchy Greens with Tahini Maple Dressing

Crunchy Greens with Tahini Maple Dressing

This is a dish that delivers on every level! Here, spritely greens are bright, sweet and salty, nuts and seeds bring layers of favour and crunch, while the dressing is a happy blend of deep earthy tahini, zippy lemon and warm woody maple sweetness. Delightful!