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Our Values

We believe in protecting our planet.









We are Real

  • We believe in having a product that is pure. One ingredient. Maple Syrup. 
  • Some maple syrup on supermarket shelves isn't real maple syrup! They are corrupted with a combination of high fructose corn syrup, fake colours and artificial flavours. 

We are Forest Guardians

  • No maple trees are harmed in the making of real maple syrup! The maple tree regenerates itself very quickly and the trees are in no way damaged or harmed during the collection of maple sap. 
  • The maple trees are tapped in a new location every season and care is taken not to tap too close to the previous years tap hole. 
  • Selective cutting and thinning takes place in the sugar woods throughout the summer and fall to ensure the maple trees grow up as healthy as possible.

We think in Organic

  • We believe in working with companies that are certified organic
  • Organic food products are grown naturally using no chemicals, pesticides, radiaton, or genetic engineering.
  • This maple syrup is certified by the North East organic farming association of New York Certified Organic LLC.  

We are Sustainable

  • The maple groves are sustainably managed for the present and for future generations.

  • The maple farm employs comprehensive programs to ensure the health of their trees and their woodlots. They follow a set of best management practices developed specifically for the sugar woods.

We believe in Community

  • We believe that small acts can change the world, like our 1% for the planet promise. 
  • We strive for healthy living with real good food. No compromise on flavour, quality or enjoyment. 
  • We are passionate about the wellbeing benefits of the outdoors and protecting it for future generations.
  • We know that community is precious which is why the maple farm hires local people and actively works to better the community where they live. 
  • And, we think real community stems from real discussions; which is why every email is answered by our Co-Founders. 

We love Maple, But hate Waste

  • Our packaging is 100% recyclable and has many other 'hats.' Our postage packaging is recyclable too.
  • When the bottle has fulfilled its destiny you can pop it in the recycling….or you could re-use for a vase, for salad dressing, to infuse olive oil (throw in chilli or thyme and garlic)! 

We Pay it Forward

  • This syrup is special to us, and we want to keep it that way. That’s why we’re committed to paying it forward with 1% for the planet

  • We are an active member of 1% for the Planet, a group of businesses that donate a portion of our profits to a worldwide network of environmental organizations. By buying from us, you support non-profit groups that help protect the environment.

  • So feel good, the bottle that you're purchasing will taste even better now.