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Our Passion

Nurturing a forest that helps us breathe.







We have been in love with maple syrup as long as we can remember..png

The Real Maple Company is where we share our passion for naturally delicious syrup with you. 

In 2014, we fell in love with a place, its bountiful trees and a way of life. We decided to make space in our lives to celebrate this little miracle. That year, we learnt that tapping a maple for syrup would not harm it; and we came to appreciate that the ecosystem supported by each tree was both generous and fragile; and we saw the sensory abundance of the forest distilled to a clear, amber-coloured syrup that drizzled from generously proportioned glass bottles.

We have been in love with maple syrup as long as we can remember. A hybrid maple loving British-North America couple, we’d bring back as much maple syrup as our luggage limit would allow. Once it would run out, we’d search far and wide for a glass bottle to quench our organic maple syrup thirst. We couldn’t help gazing at the sad plastic bottles of sugar-cut syrup on the shelves of the supermarkets and grocery stores at home, and the high cost of that inferior product. 


Before long, The Real Maple Company idea was born.

In our other life, our London life, we are healthcare professionals: Sarah is a nurse specialist who believes that every person deserves access to healthcare and Ravi works everyday to improve the public’s health. So, during the day, we care for families and patients: our human community. Our free time is devoted to devising recipes for the best maple syrup we have ever tasted and nurturing a forest that even here, 3,500 miles away, helps us to breathe