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The Maple Origin Story

It's kinda  like a superhero origin story.








If you are here reading this page, you are like us. Interested in the world, and the world of maple syrup! 

This maple syrup has been crafted from sap produced at Madava Farms, in upstate New York, from sustainably managed sugar and red maple trees.  Sadly, the UK does not have the climate (beautiful for flowers, however) to sustain maple trees. 

Located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, less than 80 miles from New York City, this farm was originally purchased as a family's horse and hobby farm; this turned out to be 800 acres of some of the best Maple forestland in America. 

These particular types of trees produce the sweetest sap on the planet and, combined with the temperature and terroir of the Hudson River Valley, make it possible to produce the finest quality syrup.


How is Maple Syrup Made? 

Real Maple Tree from The Real Maple Company

The Tree:

Maple syrup is only made in the North Eastern part of North America and is made solely from the concentration of maple sap from the maple tree. In it's raw form, maple sap fresh from the tree is usually around 2-3 per cent sugar (sucrose, fructose and glucose) and the rest is pure water. This sap, pure maple syrup, contains amino acids, proteins, organic acids and vitamins.

Sap Tapping Maple Syrup

The Sap: 

This swing in temperature forces the roots of maple trees to begin drawing water from the soil up into the trunk of the tree. As this ground water travels up the trunk it collects the stored maple sugars which were produced the previous summer through photosynthesis. By boring a small hole into the trunk of the tree, maple syrup producers can collect the sap which has dissolved maple sugars in it. Only a very small hole is bored into the outer wood of the tree 2-5 cm deep. Traditionally a spiel was seated in the hole and a bucket was placed on the spiel.

Winter Maple Forest Scene

The Season:

Maple syrup is harvested in the spring during the months of March and April, although it varies depending on the season and the location. This early harvest is in fact the very first agricultural crop in North America. As the rough North American winter starts to release its grip in early spring, the vast sugar woods experience warm days and cool nights. The entire maple crop has to be harvested, processed and stored in this short period of time. Per season, each tree can produce between 10-20 gallons of maple syrup.