Very Dark Organic Maple Syrup - 375mls



Very Dark Organic Maple is the most robust syrup available, with notes of caramel and molasses adding exquisite depth and a bright finish.

  • Very Dark Colour
  • Robust, deep, bright finish
  • Sofi Award Winner 2015
  • Perfect for food pairings

As the maple season progresses so does the complexity and flavour of high quality maple syrup.

If maple syrup is a treat, the 375ml bottle is for you.Perfectly proportioned for lazy brunches. This bottle is designed for drizzling over pancakes or yogurt, or for dashing into a special coffee or bourbon.

A favourite amongst creative foodies and professional bakers, the richness of this syrup blends and shines through even the boldest of food pairings, providing a heightened taste profile as a substitute for sugars and honey.

A Sofi Award winner in 2015 for best speciality food, this maple syrup is the ultimate maple syrup for a refined palette or discerning chef.