Dark Organic Maple Syrup - 750mls


750 ml

Dark Organic Maple Syrup has greater weight, depth and concentration than the lighter notes of Amber maple, with hints of toasted almond, coffee and cocoa bean. 

  • Dark Coloured
  • Organic, Toasted Almond, Coffee
  • Ultimate alternative to sweeteners

Dark maple syrup is the ultimate alternativeto typical sweeteners for deserts, coffee and cocktails. Its depth of flavour also makes it an inspiring condiment for meats and cheeses.

This 750 mls bottle is for people who want to incorporate a healthier alternative to sugar in their everyday diet. This perfect for you foodies; pour onto roasted vegetables, add to make flavourful salad dressings, smoothies and baking.

Richer and more complex than Amber, yet subtler than Very Dark Maple, this syrup is a sweetener for grown ups.

Dark Organic also available a 375mls size.