Amber Organic Maple Syrup - 375mls


375 mls

Amber Organic Maple adds depth of flavour and subtle spice to baked breads and biscuits, and is delicious drizzled over ice cream or into smoothies.

  • Amber Coloured
  • Organic, Light, Most Versatile
  • Drizzle over pancakes, add in coffee

Our lightest maple syrup, Amber is also the most versatile, making it a popular choice as a cupboard staple.

If maple syrup is a treat, the 375ml bottle is for you.Perfectly proportioned for lazy brunches. This bottle is designed for drizzling over pancakes or yogurt, or for dashing into a special coffee or bourbon. 

Butterscotch and gingerbread, roasted chestnut and rye are evoked by the aroma of this beautiful organic syrup.

Amber Organic Maple also available in "Chef Size" 750mls.